Location: London, UK

    Time: 2015.

    Category: MA School Work


    The project is a renovation of two rooms with the Victorian style, aiming at combining them into an integrated reading area. The black as the main color tone is applied to make a unified impression together with colorful books in the reading room. Five bookshelves with doors have created a monumental sense of form, that is, solemn and dignified. While balancing other colors, the black also makes a balance among various sensible forms, such as textures, reflectance, senses of touch and so on, of different materials. As the “darkness” in the darkness, gaps and grooves are designed between various materials and space.

    The mode of opening of the traditional bookshelf is relatively straight, while the mode of opening here is regarded as an interaction between the reader and the book. Given that the reading behavior of the current physical books is more like a way of relaxation and searching for accidental inspirations, multiple modes of opening are deliberately designed to mix together, in order to enhance the delight and randomness when looking for the books. Naturally, the diverse modes of opening also create an impressive façade with a strong sense of form.